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2011 Kamfari Blog

Kamfari Race Day

The guys were up early today to head out to the start of the Kamfari Mud race, and what turned into an eventfull day for all, the mud threw up its usual challenges but it was Glen Lantzke who won through for the 2nd year in a row, this time on a Kawasaki Brute Force. The Xteam crew had thier ups and downs, Col's Outlander XXC falling victim to the swamp but Bullet and Adrian still managed to get through for a finish. Check out the results below.

2011 Precision Motorcycles Kamfari Mud Race
Quad Division Results
1 750 Glen Lantzke
2 148 Howard Munt
3 26 Blake Waldman
4 427 Jack Gibbings
5 69 Steven Nichol
6 912 Darrell Knight
7 46 Travis Woods
8 42 Graham Murray
9 145 Adrian Hermison
10 169 Scott Dawnton
Up to 550cc
1 69 Steven Nichol
2 77 Eddie Tattington
1 750 Glen Lantzke
2 148 Howard Munt
3 26 Blake Waldman
Farm Quad Winner
750 Glen Lantzke
Rookie Rider Winner
69 Steven Nichol






Kamfari Track

The guys went out to check out some of the Kamfari course on Saturday arvo, just look at all that beatuful swamp to cross and imagine what it is going to look like by luch time tomorrow.



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Kamfari Prep

Just to back up a solid ride in the teams class at the Thumb Pump 300 ATV Festival last weekend, X-team riders Bullet and Colin Lawson have headed up to Darwin for the annual Kamfari Mud race, now in its 40th year. Joining them is X-team manager Mick Andrewartha and also one of Col's buddies from FNQ Adrian Hermsen who is planning on running in the Australasian Safari later in the year as part of the X-team with Col.

All three of these guys are riding 2011 Can Am Outlander X XC models. Outlander 800XMR's (mud racers) may have seemed the logical choice and there are a few locals riding them, Territory Marine backed Waldo Hussey for one, but as a quad designed more for straight line mud bogging rather than tight enduro racing the X-team crew felt that the X XC would be more appropriate for them, just loaded up with 28 inch tyres (the legal maximum for the event) and a few of the features from the XMR to help with the water crossings like the snorkel kit (genuine kit available from Can-am dealers and will fit all model Outlanders), genuine high flow air filters and fender flares to keep the mud away from the riders. Steve Blair and his team from Territory Marine have been a great help to the X-team riders having made some custom 4mm and 6mm wheel spacers to allow the use of 10 inch wide front tyres on the standard wheels without the tyres rubbing on the tie rod ends. Local ATV legend Stoney (also father of Kamfari rider Matt Stone) has also helped out with trailering some of the quads up to Darwin for the team and giving them somewhere to prep the quads. As you'll see in the pics below (just click the "read more" button to see the rest) the guys have had a busy day getting ready and will now be at Scrutineering which is held at Precision Motorcycles, naming sponsor of the event.

Territory Marine's Showroom and workshop.


Commander X Models. This is the first time the X-Team boys have seen this model up close...and they were sufficiently impressed.


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