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"Pro Rida" with Chelsea

Season Ending Injury

It is with great sadness that I write this post to let you all know that injuries I have sustained to my wrist during the last 12 months has put an end to my 2011 season. Over the last couple of months I have had investigations which shows that a wrist injury that I sustained a while ago has a non united (not healed properly) old fracture to my Ulna which we thought had been causing my problems.

As the pain got worse and more constant I saw myself back at my Specialists looking for more answers. As the X-rays didn't show enough information, I was booked in for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to look at the wrist ligaments. Unlike X-rays, an MRI scan shows the soft tissues such as ligaments quite well and can sometimes confirm the presence of a torn ligament in the wrist, which in my case was evident.

Under instruction from my Specialists I will have an arthroscopy of my wrist joint which is being used to determine whether the ligament injury is causing the continued symptoms or if there is any other underlying problem that is causing my continued pain. While they are in performing the arthroscopy they will be cleaning out the debris in the wrist joint that is evident on the MRI scan and checking if the ligament tear can be sewn together.

The operation has been booked for the 26th September 2011. In the mean time my Specialist has advised that I stop all riding until the arthroscopy results are clear so that I don't run the risk of causing any further damage to my wrist.

I hope that I have been able to show my sponsors what their support has meant to me by the number of podium finishes I have already accumulated for this season on both the MX and Enduro tracks. I am hoping for a speedy recovery and the ability to be back on my bike and into training for next seasons racing as soon as possible.

A huge thanks to everyone that has supported my 2011 championship quest...Can-Am, BRP Australia, Willunga Hotel, Darrell Knight (from 47industries Coaching Clinics), QuadSquad, CRC, Sidchrome, e-sticky, Ringworks International, Tripp industries and my family for their patience and support this year.


Season so far

A lot has been going on since Thumbpump , which was held in April. Quadriders SA have hosted a few MX and Endurance events over the last couple of months, which I have competed in. I also ventured over the Alice Springs to support the X-team and South Australian riders who entered the Finke Desert Race; so it's been a while since I've posted.

The first MX event for the season was held at the Quadriders S.A. Home track at Acusa Park, this is where the South Australian State Titles will be held in August so all the practice I can get on this track will help my lead up to that event. It was great riding weather, however the track was very dry and dusty which hampered a few races on the day with poor visibility. This year I have been lucky to have the support of fellow team rider and 47Industries Coaching Clinic instructor Darrell 'Bullet' Knight who has been training me for the season. He ventured out to help me with the set up of the bike and gave me a few pointers on how to tackle the days racing.

The competition was fierce and the top three women's riders were very close for the days racing, I managed a 2nd, 3rd & 2nd place for the day which when the points were added I was able to take home a 3rd place for the first round.

The second event was the Tintinara 'Bushys' Enduro which was held at a new track the club managed to get hold of. This year fellow women's rider Donna Newman and I have decided to team up to take on the guys for the Endurance season. The track was rough, and many were using it as training for both body and bike for the Finke Desert race which was held in June; a month after this race. The day was huge, lots of new riders for the year made the trip from all over to tackle the 24km course, on what turned out to be the toughest SA Enduro tracks yet. Donna and I took home 2nd for the day which was a great start to our Enduro teaming.

The Finke Desert Race was held between June 10-13 and although I didn't ride, I travelled up to help support the South Australian and X-Team riders for the gruelling event.

The next MX event was back at Acusa Park, which turned out to be a great day, although there had been a fair bit of rain the week running up to the weekend. The track had been prepared extremely well which made for an awesome day of racing. I had been doing a lot of training running up to this event with Darrell 'Bullet' Knight and was pumped to be out on the track again. I had been practising my cornering and jumping and it definitely showed on the day. I took home a 1st, 1st and 3rd and took out 1st for the day.

I travelled over to Peake for the next Enduro round, teaming up with Dean McMillan as Donna was unable to make the trip. The track was Sand and was marked to be very challenging. It rained the whole event, making racing very uncomfortable. I got stuck along with many others on the course throughout the day but when the exhausting 3 hours was over Dean and I took home 3rd place for the second enduro for the season.

My points for both MX and Enduro are looking promising for the end of season points, I am discovering more about the Can-Am every time I get on it and my skills have progressed through the season so far. I would like to thank my sponsors for their support throughout the season Can-Am, BRP Australia, Willunga Hotel, Darrell Knight (from 47industries Coaching Clinics), QuadSquad, CRC, Sidchrome, e-sticky, Ringworks International, Tripp industries and my family for their patience and support this year.

Chelsea 'Pro-rida' Deboo

Australian Can-am X-Team





Chelsea's 2011 Thumb Pump 300

The Thumb Pump 300 ATV Festival has been run and won for 2011. My fitness preparations assisted me greatly on the toughest annual ATV race held, however due to a few unforeseen events my race plan didn't go as well as I expected.

In Session one on Saturday I managed to keep within striking distance of the front runners before my race strategy took a turn for the worst by coming off my bike three times on day 1. My 3rd and final crash on the last lap of day one sent me crashing into the sandy track and knocking me out leaving me battered and bruised and costing me valuable time. I managed to get back on my Can-Am DS450 XMX and finish the day still holding on to a comfortable 3rd place.

Session two on Sunday saw me get stuck at the bottom of a hill behind 2nd place runner Donna Newman as we watched Jeanette Lindsay ride through the shrub track and out of our sights. We had to wait until the stuck riders could free their bikes before we could pass and carry on for the lap.

Jeanette Lindsay took home 1st place, ahead of Donna Newman who placed 2nd 18 minutes ahead of me in 3rd place.

A huge thanks to my invaluable pit crew who kept me and my Can-Am DS450 XMX running well and fuelled all weekend and my sponsors for the 2011 season BRP Australia, Can-Am, Willunga Hotel, 47Industries,, QuadSquad, CRC, Sidchrome, e-sticky, Ringworks International and Tripp industries.

Quad Drift at Tailem Bend

On Sunday 10th April I ventured out to the Tailem Bend Motorsports Park to get a bit of seat time in something a bit technically different... Quad drifting. The weather was perfect for the quads, it had rained a fair bit over night which made the track quite wet and slippery.

There is a lot to be learnt in this fun new recreational discipline, and I still haven't 100% got the hang of it. The practice time was to my advantage and adding to my repertoire of skills is always a good thing. Coordination was a stand out requirement, with cornering gear selection and control a necessity that carries into any quad event. I'm sure that gaining the confidence to corner hard on bitumen will certainly help my racing on the dirt.

I didn't get any pictures of me riding, but got a few of the bike at the track.


Thanks to all my sponsors

My sticker kit arrived in the mail today!

I would like to thank all my sponsors for this year starting with Phil from e-sticky graphics who made me the awesome sticker kit which helps me to display all my sponsor who are, Can-Am BRP, Mick and Tiff from 47industries, CRC, Adam from QuadSquad, Sidchrome, and Heath & Kellie from 'The Willunga Hotel'.

Check out the brilliant job that Phil has done for me in the picture below. Photo's of the sticker kit on my bike to follow.



Last year (mid season) I spent a good couple of months getting a proposal together to hand into BRP - Can Am for major sponsorship, and after a couple of intense months was accepted (to my delight) onto the Can Am X-Team.

With this great responsibility comes huge expectations from not only my manager and team mates, but mostly from myself. As a self-obsessed perfectionist, this will be a hard year for me where I will be pushing myself to the limits both on and off the track and I hope to keep you all updated on my progress through these posts through the year.



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