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Go Pro HD Hero

The Go Pro HD Hero camera is a wonderous piece of technology, it can record HD video in 720p, 960p and 1080p and can alos record at 60 frames per second (in 720p record mode) which is slow motion video when played back. Race Recall, who are Australian distributors for the Go Pro series of cameras along with many other solid state recording devices, have sent us a couple of these gadgets try out and use for making videos for

I got hold of the HD Hero kit to have a play with on a weekend of track marking for the QRCV enduro and also to get some footage for a track review of the Tooleen Park MX track and while my main focus in the world of is not the video production I found the HD Hero easy to set up and use, there are only two buttons to navigate a reasonably simple menu system to set the camera up in the mode you want to record in, then it is just a matter of mounting it up and pushing the button to record. The HD Hero's wide angle settings are perfect for both helment mounted cameras and also mounting onboard on an ATV.

The footage you are getting is easy to check too, just pop the SD card straight out of the camera and into you laptop and you can play the footage straight back as an MP4. We used a 16Gb SD card which is good for about 4hrs of footage (although the camera's battery will need charging before then it only lasts for 2.5hrs constant use). Some of the other features of the HD Hero also include timelapse photography (at 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 sec intervals) and 3 shot bursts or capture a single shot with the timer function all at 5 Megapixel resolution.

The Go Pro HD hero is available in a number of kits starting from $395 from ranging up to $630 depening on which mounts and the size of memory card you need.



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