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Dalton Clutch Kit for Polaris RZR and RZRs

The Kitten RZR S hasn't had much in the way of performance mods since we have had access to play with it, in fact all our SxS attention has been put into the SxS Machine race team RZR (which we will feature soon) so it was a nice change to give the Kitten a little boost with the Dalton Clutch kit from ATV Offroad in QLD.

The Dalton Clutch kit for the Polaris RZR and RZR S models comes with two primary spring options, Orange/Blue and Black Orange which offer different rates of engagement, and a set of adjustable flyweights which have a hole in the tip for the addition of an aluminiuim rivet (if required) and come with a collection of long and short set screws to add extra weight as required.


We have fitted the kit (see the video article about fitting a clutch kit) with the Orange/Blue spring preference out of the two options in the kit (the other being a slightly higher engaging Black/Orange spring) as it is more suitable for the recovery work the RZR S sometimes gets used for at MX events. Also the adjustable flyweights have been installed with the reccomended amount of weight of having the aluminium tip rivet and also three of the large set screws installed in each one, the weight is added by both aliminium rivets through the tip of the fly weight and by adding set screws into a threaded hole down the length of the fly weight. The rest of the weights in the kit are to set the fly weights up for different size tyres, bigger tyre sizes typically require less fly weight so that the CVT won't shift up as quickly to compensate.

The heavier weights allow for more positive and faster engagement over the RPM range that the spring is set for (the orange spring is closer to stock) which in turn makes for a better reaction of the driving wheels and hence better acceleration.


The addition of this clutch kit has given the Kitten RZR S a much better feel to drive, the engament rate make it easier to slide through corners and gives much better response when approaching obstacles that require acceleration to drive over such as large logs and rocks. I feel that this has been a worthwhile addition to our SxS for the all round application that it is used for and also if e decide to put some big tyres on then it is just a matter of changing weights to suit instead of another whole kit.



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